Eger is now accessible by express road

2024. 06. 17.

The M25 express road has created a direct connection between the city of Eger, seat of Heves county and the M3 motorway. The project supported by the Integrated Transport Development Operational Programme, has made it possible to transfer traffic from main roads and local roads to the M25 express road, reducing travel time, noise, pollution and accidents.

The M25 Eger expressway connection (M3 motorway – Eger section) project included the construction of the motorway with 2×2 traffic lanes with a physical separation in the middle, with a crown width of almost 25 metres, for a length of about 18.5 kilometres. Major works on the section include separate level crossings, wildlife crossings, a railway overpass and a stream bridge. In connection with the M25 motorway, the section of the road 2502 bypassing Andornaktálya, has also been built.

The project also included the reconstruction of the main road 252 in the Eger region. Taking into account the changed traffic needs, the traffic light junction of the main roads 25-252 was converted into a roundabout and the 11.5-tonne pavement of the existing 720-metre-long section was reinforced. The project also included the entire M25 motorway section, the widening of the road 2502 and the reconstruction of the motorway 252.

Thanks to the project, nearby settlements are less affected by the noise of daily traffic, environmental pollution and the risk of accidents caused by transit traffic. In addition, the accessibility of the settlements around Eger has been improved and faster connections to the main urban centres should attract businesses to the region, boosting the economy and creating jobs.


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The program was implemented with European Union funding under the IKOP-4.1.0-15-2016-00005 project.

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