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2024. 06. 20.

Within the framework of large-scale infrastructure development, the library spaces supporting learning, education, competence development and awareness raising have been renewed in Zalaegerszeg.

As the largest public library in Zala County, the Ferenc Deák County and City Library plays a key role in the cultural life of Zalaegerszeg and its nearby area, as well as in the county. The institution maintains good relations with varies schools, kindergartens, public collections, foundations and non-governmental organizations of the city and the county. It plays an important role in providing non-formal and informal out-of-class learning opportunities, during which, in addition to reading and cultural programmes, socialization efforts are occuring as well. The Library’s learning and cultural programs are available for both children and adults.

Within the framework of the project titled The development of the infrastructure supporting learning in the Ferenc Deák County and City Library, the infrastructure conditions for library services promoting public education and lifelong learning has been developed in this library and in two other member institutions (the Attila József City Library and the János Apáczai Csere Library). The project was supported by the Human Resources Development Operational Programme and cost about HUF 82 million.

With the conversion, modernization and accessibility of existing educational rooms, the newly created diverse, multi-functional spaces make the library even more suitable for arranging high-quality and diverse programs which can support education. Adapting to the needs of the users, the modernization of the reading room opens new opportunities for quiet individual learning, listening to music, using the Internet, but also for group learning and small group events. Local knowledge service supports local history research, e-research, computer and digitization tools. In the multifunctional lecture hall lectures, child programmes, online education and exibitions can be organised. The place where child programmes are taken place functioned as a reading and play corner for pre-school and primary school children. It also provide thematic books and comfortable seats for minor and adolescent visitors.

The spaces equipped with modern furniture and ICT tools ensure the continuous availability of modern information services, as well as contribute to the promotion of programs and community events that strengthen and support the social role of the library.


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The program was implemented with European Union funding under the EFOP-4.1.8-16-2017-00046 project.

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