Modern health center in Cigánd

2024. 06. 26.

With the support of the Human Resource Development Operational Programme, Dr. Pál Ablonczy Medical Center has been modernised.  The investment will greatly contribute to the development of health care adapted to the population and to the reduction of the number of patients forwarded to inpatient care.

Within the framework of the project titled Development of outpatient care in Cigánd implemented by the Bodrogközi Járóbeteg Szakrendelő Nonprofit Kft., a new solar system was constructed, doors, windows and wall insulations were replaced, furthermore, infrared additional heating panels were established, thus significantly reducing the institution’s maintenance costs.

With the purchase of medical and IT tools, as well as furniture, more than twenty doctor’s offices have managed to expande their amount of instuments and also improve the conditions of specialist care. Outstanding among the medical tools are the purchase of two high-value ultrasound diagnostic systems, a device for ultrasound examination of intracranial arteries (transcranial doppler) and a device for determining the field of vision (kinetic perimeter), and the purchase of a light therapy treatment device and ten physiotherapy devices.

The new tools have made it possible to modernize existing health services, with which previously unavailable treatments can be performed locally.

The program was implemented with European Union funding under the EFOP-2.2.19-17-2017-00072 project.

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