Modernisation of energy infrastructure in the Cegléd Reformed Primary School and Kindergarten

2024. 06. 18.

With the support of the Environment and Energy Efficiency Operational Programme (KEHOP), energy infrastructure has been upgraded in building B of the institution operated by the Great Reformed Church in Cegléd and this way it now comply with modern standards. As a result of the project, the building has become more sustainable and also reduces its ecological footprint.

As part of the investment, the facade doors and windows were replaced, the walls and the attic floor were subsequently insulated, and the floor layered was broken and insulated against soil moisture. In addition, the heating system was upgraded and a solar panel was built. Through the developments, the energy classification of the building has improved to a CC class, which is a significant improvement over the previous situation. Better thermal insulation and a modern heating system not only create a more energy-efficient but also a healthier environment.

About a thousand students and employees in the school directly benefit from the improvements. With energy modernization, the cost of maintaining the building has been reduced, allowing more resources to be spent on educational and community purposes. Innovations will make the school more sustainable and economical in the long run, while contributing to the community’s environmental goals. These developments are setting an example for the whole city of how to contribute to environmental protection by making educational institutions more sustainable.

With this step, the Cegléd Reformed Primary School and Kindergarten will shape not only its own future, but also the future of the population of Cegléd and its surrounding area, ensuring sustainable and energy-efficient operation for future generations.


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The program was implemented with European Union funding under the KEHOP-5.2.13-19-2019-00003 project.

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