Rehabilitation of wetlands and complex landscape development along the Tápió

2024. 07. 03.

The project, implemented with the support of the Environmental and Energy Efficiency Operational Program, will improve the microclimate of the area and increase groundwater levels, which will have a positive effect on the surrounding agricultural and forest areas.

Within the framework of the project entitled Development of Complex Habitats Infrastructure along the Tápió, the Danube-Ipoly National Park Directorate was given the opportunity to rehabilitate wetlands in the area of the Hajta Swamp in Jászberény by periodically damaging the stream.

In the ’60s, the diversion of the stream to the canal unfortunately led to the drying of meadows and reeds along the Hajta, thus the flora and fauna of the area has became much smaller. Thanks to the restoration of wetlands and the periodic re-swelling of the stream, it has become possible to keep water in the area in a controlled manner. Dredging works have created several hectares of open water lakes, which has made the nesting population of waterfowl return again.

Due to the project, a bird-watching tower was built which offers an excellent opportunity to observe large egrets, summer geese, gypsy ducks, peewits, black-crowned night herons and bitterns. Restoration of the area can also help increase the population of other protected species associated with water. These include European pond turtles, dragonflies, or weatherfish.

During the project, the affected area was cleaned of waste. In recent decades, many invasive plants (acacia, silver tree, goldenrod, silkweed) have occured in the surrounding pastures and forests. As a result of this complex nature conservation intervention, 25,000 seedlings were planted in place of these plants.

New information boards help visitors to get to know more about the development.


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The program was implemented with European Union funding under the KEHOP-4.1.0-15-2016-00053 project.

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