The modernised library in Várpalota has become one of the centers of community life

2024. 07. 11.

Thanks to the Territorial and Settlement Development Operational Programme, the Gyula Krúdy City Library was renovated in Várpalota, for which the administration of the city and the residents have been preparing for years. The library has become one of the city’s cultural centers, where writer-reader meetings, book launches are taken place and school groups visit this place as well.

Due to the diverse identity and physical fragmentation of the city of Veszprém County, there was a need for a multifunctional place that can accommodate several communities even at the same time, and carries knowledge and opportunities for everyone through its cultural content. Thanks to the project, the library has become a complex community space and the building is a home of cultural performances, exhibitions and programmes.

Within the framework of the project called Renewal of the Gyula Krúdy City Library, the doors and windows were replaced, a new main entrance was built, the facade and the roof were insulated, and new water blocks were created and all the cover was replaced. The renewal of the building has also brought with it the need to improve the environment. In the course of this, a new park was created, which is now also worthy to be a home of the bronze statue ’In memory of Krúdy’, the work of Tibor Borbás, which was moved from the cultural centre to the entrance of the library.


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The development was implemented from EU funding in the project TOP-7.1.1-16-H-ERFA-2020-00741 under the Territorial and Settlement Development Operational Programme.

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