African catfish in a thermal water environment

2023. 07. 17.

A local family business, originally involved in growing paprika, decided to further develop the potential in thermal water. With the aim of exploiting the thermal water for an even longer period of time, an aquaculture farm was set up to breed African catfish.

Now that’s an efficiency increase: thermal water from peppers to fish! Few would think that a small-town thermal spa and the food industry could be so closely linked. However, at GEOFISH Ltd. in Szentes, an impressively unique technology has been introduced in the farming of African catfish. At the fish farm, a pioneering recirculation system uses thermal water that was previously used in horticulture, and is perfect for rearing the heat-loving fish species. The African catfish farmed here is not only reared, but also processed on the farm as fresh or packaged fish. These special fish are boneless, making them ideal for children. The EU-funded investment has not only introduced a special technology but has also created a number of job opportunities. This project is a major contribution to the growth of fish consumption in the country, as the company offers reliable, high quality and healthy products to consumers in Hungary and in Europe.

The development was implemented from EU funding in the project MAHOP-5.3.3-2016-2017-00007 under the Hungarian Fisheries Operational Programme.

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