Direct, cross-border connection between Berettyóújfalu and Nagykereki

2023. 12. 22.

The high-speed connection between Debrecen and Nagyvárad and Budapest and Nagyvárad has been completed thanks to an investment realized in the framework of the Integrated Transport Development Operational Programme. The second section of the M4 motorway between Berettyóújfalu and the Nagykereki was handed over on September 4, 2020, at the same time the Nagykereki-Bors II Motorway border crossing was opened as well.

In the fall of 2020, a new, almost 30 km long road section was added to the eastern section of the M4 motorway, which also created a direct connection from the M3 motorway via Debrecen to the Hungarian-Romanian border near Nagyvárad. The investment of the National Infrastructure Development Company (NIF) was implemented with EU fundings in the 2014 and 2020 programming period.

The connecting road between Berettyóújfalu and the national border was built in two parts. The three-kilometer section between Berettyóújfalu and highway no. 47, along with the M35 highway, has been open to drivers since the end of 2018. The NIF needed another year and a half to complete the second phase, due to longer and more complex technical solutions.

Twenty bridges were built on the 26.5 kilometer section between highway No. 47 and the national border, among which the track bridge over the Berettyó River and the Dusnok stream should be highlighted. Another result of the investment is a simple rest area at Körtvélyes and an axle weight measuring station at Kengyeles. A separate level junction was built at Gáborján and Nagykereki, where a border crossing that can be converted into a complex rest area was also built. In order to reduce the noise impact and improve the quality of life of the people living in the area, a noise protection wall was built on 540 meters, as well as, more than 360,000 plants were planted on the affected section, and a bird protection wall was erected on 2.5 kilometers by the contractor.

With the implementation of the project, the accessibility of the area has been improved, the quality and safety of traffic increased, and the environmental damage was reduced. By diverting traffic, the new road relieved the main streets of Berettyóújfalu and Mezőpeterd, which were used by an average of 8,000 vehicles per day until the new section was handed over.


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The development was implemented from EU funding in the project IKOP-1.1.0-15-2016-00018 under the Integrated Transport Development Operational Programme.

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