Pioneering Skill laboratory network for patient care development

2023. 07. 17.

In a unique initiative in Europe, the country’s first skill-lab network was implemented with EU funding, involving sixteen county teaching hospitals and three medical universities. Skill laboratories are units equipped with simulation tools that provide high level training opportunities in patient care in realistic conditions.

In this training participants can learn important skills in nursing and medical practice, including diagnostic, therapeutic and life-saving interventions. Important aspects of practice, such as resuscitation, vascular cannulation, obstetric ultrasound or laparoscopic techniques, can be learned by simulating real-life situations. EU funding has made it possible to elaborate a standardised skills training programme and methodology and to set up skill-labs. EU funding has helped to purchase around 254 skill development and simulation tools, an average of 1 020 per hospital and 670 per university. The establishment of a national network of skill-labs is not only a significant step forward in research and development, but also an opportunity to build international relations.

Watch the video of the National Directorate for Hospitals and find out more in the national skill-lab network:

The development was implemented from EU funding in project EFOP-4.2.2-16-2017-00001 under the Human Resource Development Operational Programme.

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