Renewed rest areas and an even more modern information system in the mountains around Budapest and in the Gödöllő hills

2024. 01. 09.

The approximately 1,000-kilometer network of tourist trails crossing the area between the mountains around Budapest and the Gödöllő hills has been enriched with rest areas and a new, expanded information system thanks to the support received from the Széchenyi2020 development program. Developments related to hiking also affected the smaller, more hidden forest attractions. Due to tourism, new attractions have been created in less popular areas, or existing ones have been renovated. At forest sites, the equipment which welcomes visitors has been renewed in a design that is sustainable and meets the expectations. From the most beautiful routes a collection was made under the title ”The most beautiful tours around Budapest”.

A total of eight hundred and forty-five rest areas consisting of benches and tables have been created for hikers who want to rest and thirty shelters were built for protecting them from heavy rain and other weather conditions. At sixty-three renovated fire pits and rest areas, you can make delicious meals for which you brought the ingredients in your backpack. All of these happened due to tourism developments aimed at promoting and gaining knowledge about the mountains around Budapest and the Gödöllő hills. At the junctions of the cycling and walking routes, infrastructure supporting cyclists has been installed at thirty-two locations, and one hundred and thirty-eight informational and attitude-forming boards help hikers to get to know and preserve the forest. The most important element of the development was the renovation of the rest areas and the information system of the approximately one thousand kilometer of tourist road network that crosses the region, as part of which the foresters will place not only the already known log tools, but also the new, modern and easily sustainable equipment.

One of the most visited parts of the areas under the care of Pilisi Parkforest Zrt. is the Apát-kúti Valley which is located south from Visegrád. Its popularity is due to the fact that it is easily accessible, and many people are fond of the fantastic waterfalls, clear water springs, and hiking opportunities with impressive views, such as the Spartacus trail.

Under the name Fellegpark, a complex ecotourism investment was implemented in the area of the Visegrádi Erdészet, which includes the renovation of the Pilisi Parkforest Zrt.’s well-known forest arboretum, the replacement of the Bertényi Miklós’s Botanical Garden’s information system and fences, as well as the cleaning of the forest lake.

One of the most spectacular elements of the development was the renovation of the Jenő-kunyhó which is popular among tourists. The building was transformed in a way that it can be used in any season of the year. New bridges were also built over the Apát-kúti stream, and new forest furniture makes the popular place more comfortable.

On the Bölcső Mountain, which is situated above the Lajos-spring, a characteristic lookout with a wooden beam structure was built based on the plans of the Ybl prize-winning architect József Koller from which visitors can marvel at the southern ranges of the mountain, the Csikóvárak, the neighboring Lom-mountain or the former mine walls of the Dömör- gate. The lookout was also equipped with a visitor counter.

Szent László kápolna és kilátó a Gyetyánoson (a Somlyó-hegynél) Mogyoród határában, 2022. augusztus 3-án. A helyszín a 2022-ben összeállított Szent László-tanösvény része.

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The program was implemented with European Union funding in the VEKOP-4.1.1-15-2017-00007 project under the Competitive Central Hungary Operational Programme.

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