The green revolution of the Erzsébet Hospital in Zirc: millions in savings and environmental protection

2023. 07. 17.

The solar park at the Erzsébet Hospital in Zirc will save the institution around HUF 7 million a year, and the investment is also significant from an environmental point of view.

Previously, the Erzsébet Hospital in Zirc had to bear the heavy cost of electricity usage that constituted a significant part of its energy consumption, so it is an important achievement that due to the implemented project they are now able to supply the institution partly with green electricity. At the heart of the energy rationalisation project is a 638-unit solar power plant, installed above the car park and on the roof of the Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Department building, which was handed over in a ceremony in spring 2018. The system is calculated to generate 189,250 kWh of renewable electricity per year, saving the institution nearly 7 million forints and also avoiding 176 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. Thanks to investments made in recent years and its exceptional natural environment, the Erzsébet Hospital and polyclinic Zirc is one of the most beautiful healthcare institutions in Hungary.

The development was implemented from EU funding in the project KEHOP-5.2.11-16-2016-00058 under the Environmental and Energy Efficiency Operational Programme.

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