A fresh start to the anniversary year at the soul of the Lake Tisza – the 50-year-old Kisköre Dam has been rebuilt.

2023. 07. 14.

The 50-year-old Kisköre Dam, also known as the soul of Lake Tisza, plays a key role in the social and economic life of the Great Plain, so it is of paramount importance to maintain its operational safety.

The dam plays a key role in ensuring the water needs of the irrigation systems on the Great Plain, in flood and inland water hazard prevention and in maintaining the water level of Lake Tisza. This is why the EU-funded project is so important in the life of the region, and in its framework the dam has undergone a comprehensive reconstruction, so its safe operation is now ensured for the long term. Renewed concrete surfaces, steel structures, electrical and hydraulic systems ensure the seamless operation of the Kisköre Dam, which is of key importance for water management in Hungary.

The Kisköre Dam was handed over on 16 May 1973, and the existence of Lake Tisza dates back to that time. The artificially created lake is the second largest lake in Hungary and is of great importance for Hungarian agriculture and today even tourism. In addition to regulating water levels, the most important role of this structure, which is of particular importance for water management in Hungary, is to meet ecological and tourism requirements.

Over the decades, the dam became outdated, so it became necessary to carry out a comprehensive reconstruction, which was finally completed by autumn 2022 with national and EU funding. As part of the project, the reinforced concrete surfaces, metal structures, mechanical and electrical installations of the dam, the boat lock and the floodplain dam were repaired. A recently handed-over attraction is the fish ladder, where visitors can watch the finned animals crossing between Lake Tisza and the Tisza through glass panels. Its significance is proven by the fact that more than two thirds of the fish species found here have already been observed swimming across. The fish ladder was built as part of the Complex Lake Tisza project based on European examples. It has become the largest fish ladder on the continent with its length of almost one and a half kilometres. The project, supported by the Environment and Energy Efficiency Operational Programme, has renovated six other water structures across the country to ensure flood prevention, provide drinking and irrigation water, generate energy, to ensure boating, and provide recreational and leisure uses in their respective areas.

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The renewal of the Kisköre Dam was implemented from EU funding in the framework of project KEHOP-1.4.0-15-2015-00002 on the development and reconstruction of large structures under the Environment and Energy Efficiency Operational Programme.

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