A modern fire station: the new base for Kecskemét firefighters

2024. 02. 05.

On October 17, 2023, in a ceremonial setting, the new fire station in Kecskemét was officially inaugurated. The modern complex, located in the southern part of Kecskemét, enhances the safety of nearly 212,000 residents from fifteen surrounding municipalities. The project was made possible through European Union funding and co-financing from the Hungarian government.

Construction work commenced in early 2021. The approximately 5300-square-meter facility’s location was chosen to ensure that firefighters could reach endangered areas in the shortest possible time with minimal traffic obstacles. Environmental consciousness was a crucial aspect of the investment, and the contemporary building is sustainably operated and cost-effective, thanks to a solar panel system and a modern ground-source heating and cooling system.

The new fire station serves as a modern disaster management complex, accommodating a total of 160 personnel. The facility performs various functions, serving as an office building, crew quarters, and warehouse simultaneously, resulting in the creation of three interconnected building wings.

As crew quarters, the facility houses the 84-member professional firefighter command staff and serves as the base for 13 modern fire trucks. As an office building, it provides workspace for 19 employees of the disaster management department and 57 staff members of the county directorate. Adjacent to the offices, there is a 24-hour operational communication center. The building complex also includes a high-capacity warehouse, ensuring that various firefighting tools are readily available in any emergency situation.

The relocation of the fire command station from the city center had been planned since 2010. Thanks to the investment, Kecskemét’s firefighters now have a place in Hungary’s largest and most modern building complex. This is particularly significant as the firefighters serving here contribute to the safety of approximately 212,000 residents in fifteen municipalities across the county, in addition to the citizens of Kecskemét.

The program was implemented with European Union funding under KEHOP-1.6.0-15-2016-00012 project under the Environmental and Energy Efficiency Operational Programme.

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