A renewed street and a social issue solved in Siklós

2024. 01. 05.

In less than a year, the Váralja Street in Siklós underwent such developments that the district was completely reborn. The investment, which was implemented with the help of the Territorial and Settlement Development Operational Programme, goes beyond the benefits of having a more beautiful streetscape: In the affected area of this Baranya County settlement the segregation indicators and the living conditions of people have improved and the potential of Siklós as a tourist attraction has also make bigger progress.

The comprehensive project was completed in the fall of 2022.  It aimed to rehabilitate the segregated Váralja Street in Siklós, as well as to improve the living conditions and the social integration of those who live in that area.  During the implementation of this project, special attention was paid to reducing the residential density of the area and making that part of the city neater.

The Municipality of Siklós carried out investments in two development areas with which the view of Váralja Street was completely transformed, and the municipal housing stock was significantly renewed. Starting from January 2022, the Municipality of Siklós has fully renovated and furnished a total of 18 rental apartments located in an integrated residential environment – the neediest families could move here from Váralja Street.

As part of the project, the green areas of Váralja Street were also reborn, and the municipality created an open public space and a playground in the area as well. Surveillance cameras were installed to ensure the safety and protection of the public areas. Furthermore, the road surface was improved, and the missing internal and rainwater drainage systems were built in order to support the static safety of the area under the castle. New parking spaces were created in the area affected by the investment, while the street also has a pedestrian walkway, a hiking trail and a rest area. Three properties in the development area: the Civil Guard House, the Service Apartment and the Creative House have also been renovated.

The city sees the project as a solution to a decades-old problem. The result of one of the largest county investments in the recent period is an open and more accepting city, a renovated street and a growing tourist attraction. All of these are essential parts of the development of Baranya County.

The program was implemented with European Union funding under TSDOP-4.3.1-15-BA1-2016-00004 project.

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