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2024. 02. 12.

During the 2014-2020 developing period of the European Union, a two-story, steel-framed hall was constructed at the site of Delta King Kft. in Fejér County, using support obtained from the Economic Development and Innovation Operational Program. The building’s footprint covers nearly four hundred and fifty square meters – with manufacturing, storage, boiler rooms, and a showroom located on the ground floor. The upper floor exceeds one hundred and fifty square meters, making the total usable area of the steel hall more than six hundred square meters.

Specializing primarily in custom furniture manufacturing, staircases, kitchen cabinets, and cutting services, Delta King Kft. has achieved continuous economic growth since its establishment in 2010, primarily operating from its headquarters in Sárszentmihály and its branch in Székesfehérvár. Their product range includes custom-made kitchen cabinets, bedroom furniture, beds, wardrobes, and office furniture solutions.

The newly constructed steel hall not only facilitates manufacturing processes that often require unique procedures but also provides professional support for tasks with office space, meeting rooms, facilities to meet social needs like changing rooms, dining areas, and sanitary facilities on its upper floor, ensuring essential conditions for cultured, modern work at all times. The investment realized through EU funding became necessary due to the saturation of the company’s existing capacities and the increasing market demands.

Before manufacturing custom furniture pieces, Delta King Kft. conducts site assessments for clients, presenting finalized plans through 3D renderings and models. With the construction of the new manufacturing hall, the company aimed to provide a suitable environment for increasing production volume and serving customers better. The meeting room allows for client meetings, while the showroom showcases finished furniture pieces and the materials used in their production.

As part of the project, the company acquired an SCM SIGMA Prima 67 (38) panel saw, which belongs to the premium category of woodworking equipment and serves as the leading device in cutting operations. It provides the most efficient and fastest way to cut furniture panels today. The tool is equipped with a sturdy, rolled steel frame, while the worktables’ Bakelite coverings and independently operating fans per table allow for particularly gentle material handling.

With this development, Delta King Kft.’s fundamental goal was to maintain its position as a significant player in domestic furniture manufacturing while retaining its skilled, experienced workforce. The company also aimed to continue its successful economic activities, thereby expanding its client base, as significant revenue growth can improve its long-term effectiveness and market position.


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The development was implemented from EU funding in the project GINOP-1.2.3-8-3-4-16-2017-00005 under the Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme.

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