Digital learning methodologies and tools were developed in four schools in Pest county

2024. 06. 05.

As a result of the project implemented by the Educational District Centre of Monor within the framework of the Competitive Central Hungary Operational Programme, a qualitative improvement has been achieved in digital education in four schools.

When it comes to the project, titled „Motivation, Modernisation, Methodological quality in institutions of the Educational District Centre of Monor”, four schools have participated in this development: The Károly Gubányi Primary School (Pilis), the Sándor Weöres Primary and Art School (Gyömrő), the Attila József High School and Secondary School of Economics (Monor) and the Nemzetőr Primary School (Monor). In the digital methodology working groups set up for this purpose in the four institutions, nearly 80 teachers tested and used the methodological packages. They contribute to the development of mathematical/textual literacy competences, to the development of scientific cognition, and to the development of problem-solving and creativity.

Due to this project digital learning methodologies and tools were adopted which contribute to the development of a quality and equitable public education system. This has helped to prepare more than 700 students to adapt to the European environment in order to successfully participate in the labour market.


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The program was implemented with European Union funding under the VEKOP-7.3.3-17-2017-00001 project.

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