“Fish nursery” for habitat development and boosting fishing tourism

2023. 12. 19.

The Central-Tisza-Rural Fishing Association was able to remedy a long-standing problem with an investment made during the 2014-2020 programming period of the EU. In the middle part of the river Tisza, which is under their management, the fish are having a hard time finding suitable conditions for spawning, due to lagging and sometimes rapid floods. However, with the support they received from the Széchenyi 2020 programme, it was possible to provide them optimal spawning grounds with water level regulation which requires minimal technical intervention.

The main activities of the association include the representation of associations, the sale of fishing tickets, the organization of children and youth fishing programs and camps, and the organization of competitions. In addition, since 2016, the association is also responsible for the utilization of almost three thousand one hundred and fifty hectares of state water area of the river Tisza, including the main canal in the Nagykunság, as well as other smaller canals. By connecting and coordinating these activities, a fisherman-centric way of thinking and utilization replaced the concept previously used in Hungarian fish farming water areas.

In the section of the middle Tisza managed by the organization, there is an oxygen-rich water flow under the Kisköre reservoir, which attracts fish, making this water area popular with fishermen. There was a significant demand for the creation of the new “fish nursery”, not only from a habitat development point of view, but also from a fishing tourism point of view. Therefore a previously periodically flooded dry land in the Besenyszög area was made suitable for the creation of a natural spawning ground within the framework of the project.

From the funding a uniquely designed monolithic reinforced concrete structure with multiple functions was built, as well as a 2,000 meter long embankment. Thanks to these improvements, it became possible to channel the floodwaters of the Tisza to the low-lying area in a controlled manner, thus creating a temporary reservoir, which can be a safe and popular place for fish to spawn and raise their young ones.

The complexity of the project is indicated by the fact that it simultaneously serves to preserve biodiversity, improve the living conditions of migratory fish species, suppress invasive fish species, and strengthen aquatic biodiversity.

The program was implemented with European Union funding under the HFOP-1.2.1-2017-2018-00003 project.

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