Healthcare IT systems can save lives

2023. 12. 13.

Thanks to a development by the State Health Care Centre as the consortium leader, funded by the Human Resource Development Operational Programme, health data can now be collected in patients’ homes. The introduction of remote diagnosis was made possible by a central IT system named Telemedicine, created as part of the project, which, along with several other innovative solutions, enhances patient safety.

The IT developments in healthcare mean that more patients can visit various care locations, hospitals, and clinics at pre-scheduled, precise times, facilitated by the project implemented by the predecessor of today’s National Hospital Directorate-General, the State Health Care Centre (ÁEEK).  The system developed with the granted funds has enriched the Electronic Health Service Space (EESZT) with new data, where patient records from several years back are accessible, and the standardization of documents has continued. Additionally, the system enables hospitals to electronically transfer emergency management information, accelerating and making patient care more efficient. 

The investment included the refinement of the National Oncology Information System (OOIR), the creation of a web-based self-inspection system for pharmacies, and the integration of radiation exposure records into the EESZT. The Nephrology register was completed, and a system suitable for monitoring objective newborn hearing screening was launched. 

As part of the project, a Telemedicine competence centre was established to coordinate services based on technology, including care systems using remote monitoring, which can aid in the treatment of patients with chronic illnesses.

The primary goal of the investment was to improve the efficiency of the healthcare sector and the quantity and quality of services provided to the population, with a key role played by the coordination and refinement of IT systems. The project contributed to the development of standardized management of various professional contents and a significant increase in the proportion of structured data stored in the system and the amount of data involved. The new developments could facilitate health policy decision-making, secondary use of data, and the development of solutions supporting scientific research. 

The program was implemented with European Union funding under the HRDOP-1.9.6-16-2017-00001 project.

More details can be found in the supported project search: Details



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