E-bejelentő service now has over one hundred thousand users

2023. 12. 13.

Thanks to the service known as “e-bejelentő” (e-reporting), it is now possible to handle utility transfers or notify changes in personal data to utility providers in one place.  The investment, supported by the Public Administration and Public Service Development Operational Programme (PAPSDOP), focused on reducing administrative burdens, saving time and money for customers.

In Hungary, an average of 5.2 million official data changes occur annually, of which about four million require notification of personal data changes to non-governmental entities, such as utility and telecommunications providers. This not only represents an administrative burden for the individuals involved but can also complicate customer service at authorities and service providers.

The Hungarian government has significantly simplified the handling of administrative affairs in recent years. Thanks to e-bejelentő, the process of transferring utilities has also become more convenient and faster. Using this one-stop, life-situation-based service, there is no need to individually contact each provider to report changes. Moreover, plans are underway for banks and insurance companies to join e-bejelentő, further optimizing administrative processes.

For customers, tracking and managing changes is not an easy task, as a single data change can affect up to a dozen service contracts. However, failure to report data changes within the specified deadline is almost invariably sanctioned.

It became evident during the preparatory phase of developing the one-stop administration that any measure reducing administrative burdens has a high social and economic impact and results in widespread satisfaction. Thanks to e-bejelentő, the duration and cost of procedures have significantly decreased, thereby reducing the administrative burden on both customers and service providers. 

Over 180 water, electricity, gas, district heating, and telecommunications companies have already joined e-bejelentő, and this number is continuously growing. The current list of providers in the system is available at https://e-bejelento.gov.hu/, where numerous support materials are also provided for using the interface.

The program was implemented with European Union funding in the KÖFOP-1.0.0-VEKOP-15-2021-00061 project under the Public Administration and Civil Service Development Operational Programme and the Competitive Central Hungary Operational Programme.

More details can be found in the supported project search:Details



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