Improvements for traffic safety in Pilisborosjenő

2024. 04. 19.

Significant progress has been made in the infrastructure of the Pest County municipality through the development supported by the Competitive Central Hungary Operational Program. As part of the project, pedestrian crossings with traffic lights and parking lots were built, furthermore, bus stops, streets, and sidewalks were renovated.

In the outer part of the settlement, during the implementation, the Kövesbérci Street was renovated along with the pair of bus stops, for which a pedestrian crossing with traffic lights was also established, and parallel parking was created. On a larger section of the road, which was designed with a width of more than two meters, only pedestrian transport is possible. The other section is four meters wide on which vehicle transport is allowed only for local residents who have permits.  In addition to these, the Solymár, brickyard access road, and the bus stops at 35 Külső Bécsi út were renovated, with concrete bus bays built on both sides, and the existing platforms received new surfacing.

The dangerous crossing along Kövesbérci Street, where several accidents occurred in recent years, has been eliminated with the development. To prevent accidents, a signalized pedestrian crossing was established at the intersection of Kövesbérci Street and the 10th main road (Bécsi út) along with the improvement of street lighting.

Within the framework of this project titled „Improving traffic safety in Pilisborosjenő” developments in the Óváros area have been made to reduce car traffic and support pedestrian and public transport. In this spirit, accessibility to the Prohászka Ottokár Street playground was improved as a new sidewalk was built that meets traffic safety standards and also which fills in the previously missing section of sidewalk. Additionally, at the intersection of Fő út and Ilona Street, a pedestrian sidewalk leading to the bus stop was constructed, and existing sidewalk defects were repaired.

Due to the fact that Pilisborosjenő is endowed with natural features, hikers who are arriving by car usually reach the village at the foot of Köves-bérc mountain. For them the free P+R parking lot, which provides parking space for people living with disabilities as well, is a massive help. The parking lot is illuminated by six solar-powered lamp posts.


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The development was implemented from EU funding in the project VEKOP-5.3.2-15-2020-00061 under the Competitive Central Hungary Operational Programme.

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