Increasing competitiveness with the right technology

2023. 07. 14.

Speed, precision, sophistication! GRAFIKON.HU Ltd. in Szolnok is a company providing printing services, which by now with the assistance of a company management system performs its services at the highest level.

A successful EU grant application has contributed significantly to professional service that meets customer expectations and supports the development of the company. Due to GRAFIKON.HU’s constantly-expanding workforce, it was essential to introduce an efficient company management system. With EU support, they were able to purchase BORDER Easy Light company management software, which enables efficient management of professional workflows, resulting in higher quality assurance. With the help of the company management software human errors in the production process can be eliminated, making their work more transparent and efficient. The success of the company’s investment is also reflected in satisfied customers and a stronger competitive position in the market, to which the support has contributed greatly.

The company based in Szolnok also purchased new equipment under the project, such as a laminating table, a cutting machine and a perforating machine, due to which production time has been significantly reduced and their range of activities has been expanded with a new production process.


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The development was implemented thanks to project GINOP-2.1.8-17-2018-03079 under the Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme using EU funding.

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