Mobile Medical Units in the Poorest Villages

2024. 03. 28.

The European Union-supported Healthcare and Logistics Center in Bicske, implemented by the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service, facilitates personalized medication provision for the needy, forming part of a comprehensive healthcare system. Through mobile clinics and telemedicine, examinations are conducted, and arrangements for further treatment of patients are made at local healthcare points.

In underprivileged areas, it is a common challenge that there are no fully staffed general practitioner practices, making it difficult for residents to access screening tests, specialist treatments, and even obtain prescribed medications due to the lack of pharmacies.

The Attila Naszlady Health Development Program of the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service addresses these issues by providing mobile medical clinics for improved general practitioner care in disadvantaged areas, pediatric ophthalmology screening programs, and establishing a medical laboratory and personalized medication distribution center within the Healthcare and Logistics Center in Bicske.

Both the investment component and the human resource development component of this comprehensive health development program were realized with the support of the Human Resources Development Operational Program. As part of the project, eight mobile healthcare centers, equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology, were deployed, functioning as fully equipped medical practices. Cardiovascular diseases pose the greatest risk factor in the targeted areas, so the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service experts developed a comprehensive screening framework to address these conditions, among others. In the mobile clinics, healthcare assistants perform basic examinations, while doctors engage in patient care remotely. During telemedicine consultations, advice is given, prescriptions are issued, and referrals are made for further treatment. Specialist consultations can also be facilitated through online connections. Immediate analysis of blood samples and certain other tests is possible in the mobile healthcare centers; more complex blood tests are conducted and evaluated at the Healthcare and Logistics Center in Bicske.

To ensure that patients in underprivileged villages can access prescribed medications, the Maltese Charity Service has established a medication delivery process. The main component of this process is the Healthcare and Logistics Center located in Bicske, where a medical laboratory and medication distribution center support healthcare provision for the poorest rural communities, and also coordinate telemedicine services taking place in these areas. This model brings about a shift in mindset, as it brings healthcare innovation directly to the areas with the greatest need.

The facility has made medical and medication provision continuous and secure for people living in the poorest villages.

The development was implemented from EU funding in the project EFOP-2.2.24-22-2022-00002 under the Human Resource Development Operational Program.

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