Modernized buildings, revitalized public spaces, and social and cultural programs for the rehabilitation of the Crisis Block of Rákosmente

2024. 01. 31.

The western panel building area of Rákosmente, along with its surroundings, underwent comprehensive renewal during the support period between 2014 and 2020 within the framework of the Competitive Central Hungary Operational Program. The improvement of residents’ quality of life, strengthening community activities, and enhancing labor market integration were facilitated through diverse educational, social, and cultural programs.

The primary goal of the project titled “Rákosmenti Crisis Block Rehabilitation 2016” was the modernization of municipal residential blocks located on Pesti Road and their surroundings. In addition, through programs covering all age groups, it enabled the social integration of local residents facing more challenging circumstances. The action area included not only the two residential buildings considered as the crisis block but also the endangered block in their immediate vicinity, providing an opportunity to improve the living conditions of those residing there.

The Municipality of Budapest District XVII, Rákosmente, conducted the energy modernization of a total of 338 apartments in two studio buildings. The windows and balcony doors of the apartments were replaced with thermal and sound-insulated plastic openings, and the windows of west-facing non-balcony apartments were equipped with plastic shades. The entrance doors of the buildings were also replaced, the facade surfaces received additional thermal insulation and new painting, the existing flat roofs were waterproofed and thermally insulated, and the balconies were completely renovated. Concrete parts were provided with modern surface protection, French balconies were replaced with new openings, and the common areas of the apartment buildings were repainted.

A new space playing a crucial role in community life, the Innova Multi-Generational Sports and Leisure Park, was created. In the green area adjacent to the studio buildings, an elliptical, walkable, three-part surface was formed: one part housed a modern, safe playground for young children. Another part featured a senior, adult, and disabled fitness and exercise track, while the remaining parts of the ellipse hosted an outdoor sports court popular among young people, thus catering to the needs of all age groups. The park provides opportunities for community activities and health preservation.

In addition to the Innova Park, the municipality established a community garden. The area, consisting of 23 plots, includes a lockable tool shed, water collection points, composting facilities, informational display cases, and benches for relaxation. Surveillance cameras were installed in the vicinity to enhance the security of the public park, traffic-related areas, and the community garden.

As the third pillar of the project, the part of Újlak Street involved in traffic development was transformed into a residential-recreational zone. A new sidewalk surface was created on the northern side, giving it a true promenade character. The municipality installed benches, waste bins, and independent interactive play units in this area. New parking spaces were also established, and the street lighting network was renewed.

To support those involved in the program, the municipality of Rákosmente prepared individual development plans for 240 individuals and initiated 11 different nationally accredited vocational and competency development training programs tailored to the labor market needs and personal interests of residents in the target area.

As part of the project, the Municipality of Rákosmente organized social, community, cultural, and health programs. Accordingly, 275 health screening programs, 65 sports events, 20 crime and accident prevention programs, and 44 cultural events were implemented.

The program was implemented with European Union funding in the VEKOP-6.2.1-15-2016-00007 project under the Competitive Central Hungary Operational Programme.

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