New educational trail on the Tihany peninsula

2024. 06. 05.

In the framework of the Environment and Energy Efficiency Operational Programme, the Balaton-Highlands National Park Directorate has provided a complex response to the nature conservation problems of the Tihany Peninsula and its wider region, as well as to the improvement of the ecological condition of the Inner Lake. With the complete reconstruction of the Lajos Lóczy Educational Trail and the integration of the Lavender House Visitor Centre into the educational trail network, visitors can learn about the natural treasures of Hungary’s first landscape conservation area.

The Tihany peninsula is unique in several respects, not just in Hungary, but also in Europe. The natural values were recognised at European level in 2003, when the Council of Europe awarded the European Diploma of Protected Natural Areas to the 650 hectare area in the western part of the peninsula. Its special geographical location, the peculiarities of its formation, its present-day landscape, its geological and historical monuments, its rare plant and animal species, all make it one of our most beautiful and precious treasures. The 14-kilometre-long, 20-stop green T-marked trail along the peninsula is named after the late Dr. Lajos Lóczy, a geographer. Thanks to the EEEOP project, the trail has been completely renewed and will be equipped with a playful board system from autumn 2022.

As a result of fish plantings, the appearance and proliferation of non-native and invasive fish species, as well as the extra nutrients coming from the settlement, a hypertrophic algal lake was formed. Hypertrophic waters are characterized by the proliferation of aquatic plants or algae, which over time can result in the partial or significant destruction of the whole flora and fauna.

The project has rehabilitated and improved the ecological status of the Inner Lake. The lake was already accessible to walk it around. However, the walk is made more interesting by the Lake-avoiding educational trail which has 10 stops and provides playful activities. It also shows the natural values and the conservation work taking place in the lake and its surroundings.

The project “Complex habitat development of the Tihany peninsula and its region” also included the purchase of agricultural equipment for habitat management, as well as the provision of conditions for grassland management and grazing livestock. In addition, the maintenance and presentation plan for the Natura 2000 site of the Tihany Peninsula was completed and the infrastructure for nature reserve management, grazing and livestock management was expanded.

The complex development has helped to provide nature-loving tourists with an interactive way to learn about the history of the area and to return home with a long-lasting experience.


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The program was implemented with European Union funding under the KEHOP-4.1.0-15-2016-00020 project.

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