The competency development of 23,000 office clerks has been implemented

2024. 02. 01.

On a national level, this project, which was funded by the Public Administration and Public Service Development Operational Program, has improved the quality of administration and increased the satisfaction of both employees and clients in the public administration. The project focused on enhancing the human resources of territorial state administration bodies.

Through collaboration between the Prime Minister’s Office, the Veszprém County Government Office, and the Lechner Knowledge Center Nonprofit Ltd., the competency development of clerks working in Budapest, county, district, and municipal offices was implemented between 2016 and 2023. Continuous expansion of professional knowledge among staff is essential for the efficient operation of the territorial administration, as the changing legal environment demands up-to-date information acquisition and application in practice.

During the project, the internal training and examination practices, infrastructure, and associated needs of state administration bodies were assessed, leading to the development of a flexible internal training system. Additionally, training was provided to ensure the acquisition of knowledge about the new system. A total of 23,000 clerks participated in further training as part of the project. In addition to in-person training, e-learning was also included in the program to facilitate knowledge sharing and the use of information and communication tools.

The project highlighted the review of the operation of public service providers, the strengthening of specific job skills related to reducing bureaucracy and reinforcing district offices. Attention was given to mapping the mental health and functional skills of employees, formulating related suggestions, and implementing skill development programs to reduce the risk of stress and workplace burnout.

A Mobility Program developed for employees responsible for regulatory inspections received priority attention and was piloted. Training programs for government office clerks and general clerks brought positive changes to the everyday practices, enhancing the commitment and preparedness of employees working in territorial state administration. The quality of personal service improved, contributing to the competitiveness of public administration. Based on feedback, a more customer-oriented mindset was implemented nationwide, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

The program was implemented with European Union funding in the KÖFOP-2.1.3-VEKOP-15-2016-00002 project under the Public Administration and Civil Service Development Operational Programme and the Competitive Central Hungary Operational Programme.

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