The Esterházy Castle in Tata has been brought back to life: A magical museum experience awaits you

2023. 12. 19.

Esterházy Castle have gone through a wonderful transformation.  The development was implemented within the framework of the National Castle and Forts Program and with European Union Funding. The building and its park have regained their original magnifinance and wonderful beauty.  

After the transformation, the Esterházy Castle functions not only as a museum, but also as a place where we can relive history. The history of the building is magically told to the visitors with the help of the interactive exhibition, and those who are interested can gain a deeper insight into the lives of the castle’s famous residents. The original equipment and the reconstructed spaces create an authentic atmosphere, with the help of which we can fly back in time.

The park around the castle has also been renovated and now offers visitors even more opportunities. Local producers’ market is located here and many cultural events are held here as well, so visitors can fully experience the beauty of the castle and the magical atmosphere of the area.

The reconstruction and renovation of the Esterházy Castle is a milestone in the development of the city and the region. As a result of the development, the castle shines again in its old glory, contributing to the cultural and economic development of the region. Enjoy the amazing experience that this magical place has to offer!

The Esterházy Castle is located in the city of waters, right next to Tata Castle, on the shores of Old Lake. The area of ​​the castle used to be part of the Tata-Gesztes estate, which became the property of the Esterházy family in 1727. The idea of building the castle came from Count Miklós Esterházy II, who originally envisioned his new palace on the site of the then-ruined castle.The castle was built up in the 1770s under the leadership of Ferenc Esterházy IV, based on the plans of Jakab Fellner. Today, in the castle there is a permanent exhibition called ” Island of Peace”, which shows the life and international importance of the Esterházy family through the baroque interiors of the time.


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The program was made possible through European Union and domestic funding, thanks to the EDIOP-7.1.1-15-2015-00007 project.

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