The former Reöck mansion in Csorvás hosts tradition preservation events

2024. 03. 14.

The Szőttes Mansion in Csorvás has been completely renovated with the support of the Territorial and Settlement Development Operational Program (TOP).  As part of the project of the Association for Folk Art of Csorvás, an open workshop has been set up in the city located in Békés County, aiming to introduce Hungarian art forms to a wider audience by passing on their decades-long professional experience.

Established in 2009 with 11 members, the Association for Folk Art of Csorvás now has more than fifty supporters dedicated to preserving tradition. In their workshop, they produce traditional items with unique serial numbers, judged by the Folk Arts and Crafts Council and the Lectorate, alongside products designed for contemporary consumers: textiles, canvas works, and clothing. Over the years, their textiles and unique Hungarian attire have received numerous awards, certificates, and recognition, making them members of the Békés County Collection of Values.

Within the framework of the TOP project titled “Szőttes Mansion – Csorvás”, the Reöck mansion, which was originally constructed in 1880 according to the plans of Miklós Ybl, has been renovated internally and externally. Its terraces have been restored and the mansion has become enriched with sewing machines and period furniture. New doors and windows have been installed, work and sewing rooms have been created, and there are also activity rooms where workshops and exhibitions are regularly held. In addition, a showcase room where local products are displayed has been created – the first of its kind in the country. 

With the help of European Union funding, the mansion has been preserved for future generations while being infused with new content, welcoming visitors in modern, 21st-century conditions. Inside the building, they showcase textiles, Hungarian braided garments, and handmade crafts, offering visitors a variety of programs to choose from. Activities include sewing and weaving programmes, rag and traditional doll making, as well as the preparation of spice blends made from herbs. Visitors can also admire Hungarian ceremonial costumes, try them on, and explore the everyday and festive attire of citizens and nobles from the Viharsark region.

The Szőttes Mansion contributes to the preservation of Hungarian traditions while passing on centuries-old, experience and knowledge to future generations.

The development was implemented from EU funding in the project TOP-1.2.1-15-BS1-2016-00022 under the Territorial and Settlement Development Operational Program.

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