The water supply network has been renovated in the towns of Kecskemét and Ballószög

2024. 02. 13.

The purpose of the development, realized with European Union funding, was to reduce water loss, increase energy efficiency in water utility services, and ensure high-quality services to the population.

Undetected leaks and occurring pipe ruptures significantly hinder the proper functioning of water networks, both in terms of water quantity and efficiency. To address these issues, the Municipalities of Kecskemét and Ballószög, in collaboration with BÁCSVÍZ Water and Sewerage Service Ltd., implemented the project titled “Reduction of Water Loss, Increase of Energy Efficiency in Water Utility Services in Kecskemét and Ballószög,” funded by the European Union and their own resources. The primary goal of the project was to reduce water loss and ensure safe water supply to the residents of the affected area.

Before the renovation, leaks and water leaks in the water network impaired the system’s efficiency, and the condition of the water pipes posed a moderate health risk to users. The old, poorly maintained water pipes were high-risk asbestos-cement and steel pipes, with their age reaching or exceeding the planned value at the time of installation, necessitating replacement.

Thanks to the modernization, minimizing the occurrence of water leaks reduces water system losses, and modernizing the pumping stations reduces energy costs. The developments increase the energy efficiency of water supply and the quality of services provided to the population, while also significantly reducing the likelihood of pipe ruptures.

Another area of development within the project involved water treatment plants. The arsenic content of groundwater in Kecskemét varies significantly, so chemicals are dosed to the raw water entering the water treatment plant, the amount of which depends on the arsenic content of the incoming water. With this procedure, the water entering the network from the plant is suitable for human consumption, with no health risks. However, treating waters with different arsenic contents is an energy-intensive operation and also leads to water loss. As a result of the project, modern measuring devices were installed at water treatment plants, which, in addition to energy-efficient operation, improve the quality of drinking water in the network and reduce losses from water treatment.

The developments directly affect approximately 2000 residents and indirectly, half of the population of Kecskemét will experience an improvement in the quality of services.


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The development was implemented from EU funding in the project KEHOP-2.1.11-21-2022-00015 under the Environmental and Energy Efficiency Operational Programme.

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