Unique and quality fish production in harmony with nature

2023. 11. 14.

In a remote, quiet corner of Hungary, in the northern part of Békés county, one of our most important wetlands, the artificial lake system formed by the Biharugra and Begécs fish lakes is located. Here, a unique, extensive fish production technology has been introduced to ensure nature conservation and effective, sustainable management. Thanks to a project implemented here, supported by EU and national funding, a well-functioning and nature-friendly fish farming system has been established.

The year 2011 marked a turning point in the life of Biharugra Fish Farm Ltd, when the company changed ownership. From then on, innovation was aiming at producing fish of appropriate quality for the target market, with maximum yields. This is when the specific production technology started to be applied, which is based on the combination of excellent natural conditions, water quality and the mineral-rich fishponds, resulting in fish with a unique, pure taste and very high nutritional value.

An important aspect of the Biharugra Fish Farm is that the protein source for fish growth is mainly provided by planktonic organisms naturally produced in the ponds, so no feed is used. In addition to the protein source provided by planktonic organisms, only cereals are used as supplementary feed, so that the fish only consume organic food – free of GMOs, antibiotics and other drugs.

Of course, the infrastructure necessary for this unique fish farming technology requires continuous modernisation, which was the aim of the investments, purchase of equipment and construction works, amounting to nearly HUF 125 million implemented under the Hungarian Fisheries Operational Programme. The main aspects of the implemented call for proposals included the conservation of wetland habitats, the preservation of the populations of more than 200 bird species in the fish pond ecosystem, and the maintenance and enhancement of flora and fauna.

The development of one of the largest fishpond systems in Hungary contributes to both the conservation of the natural assets of the area and to the high quality operation of a fish farm.


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The project was implemented in the framework of the MAHOP-2.2.1-2016-2017-00028 project, with EU funding.

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