Visitor Centre and snow leopard paddock constructed in the Nyíregyháza Animal Park

2023. 07. 14.

A visitor centre and snow leopard paddock was built with EU support in the Nyíregyháza Animal Park. This project brought considerable benefits both for the city and the local community. Since this wildlife park is one of the most popular tourism and leisure destinations in the country.

The newly built visitor centre offers an exceptional experience for zoo visitors. Thanks to modern and interactive exhibition spaces, visitors can gain insights into animal life, learn about species conservation and participate in interactive programmes. The visitor centre contributes to raising awareness of the importance of nature conservation and animal protection, and provides opportunities for education and environmental education. The snow leopard paddock is another important innovation at the Nyíregyháza Zoo. During its design, great emphasis was placed on copying the natural habitat of the snow leopard, thus ensuring the most optimal conditions and conservation of the species. Visitors can enjoy the excitement of observing snow leopards while learning about these fascinating predators and the importance of their conservation. Thanks to the upgrading of the hospitality functions, the creation of an in-house museum and animal show and the construction of a snow leopard paddock, the Zoo attracts more visitors across all seasons, who also spend more time visiting.

The development could be implemented thanks to project TOP-6.1.4-15-NY1-2016-00002 under the Territorial and Settlement Development Operational Programme by using EU funding.

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