The new cycle path in Balatonalmádi has conquered the town!

2023. 07. 14.

The municipality of Balatonalmádi implemented using EU support the continuation of the Veszprém -Szentkirályszabadja – Balatonalmádi cycle path connecting to the existing cycle path network.

The new cycle path in the city is over 5 km long. The aim of the project was to promote cycling and make the city more cycle-friendly. The development has completed the network in the Balatonalmádi district and made cycling easier throughout the town. The new cycle path provides a comfortable and safe way for residents to travel in an environmentally friendly manner, as well as a direct link to the town centre and a connection to the Balaton Bike Ring. With this development, the town of Balatonalmádi further strengthens its position among the most cycle-friendly municipalities. The new cycling infrastructure will enable residents to lead a healthier lifestyle, may boost cycling tourism in the area and reduce car traffic in the town.

The development could be implemented thanks to project TOP-3.1.1-15-VE1-2016-00010 under the Territorial and Settlement Development Operational Programme by using EU funding.

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