A bite of good will: The chocolate factory of Kék Madár Foundation was establised with EU funding

2023. 12. 18.

By purchasing the products at the chocolate manufactory of the Kék Madár Foundation, consumers also support the employment of disabled people with altered working capacity. This exemplary investment was realized in Szekszárd, with the involvement of EU funds.

Built on 380 square meters, the factory employs 28 people with altered work ability or with other disabilities, and 700 bars of premium quality chocolate are produced in the facility per day. A barrier-free visitor center is also connected to the food factory, where the general public can look into the work processes through a glass wall. Families can spend several hours here, as the environment is gorgeous and they can even learn how chocolate is made.

You can also buy unique chocolates and desserts in the product presentation room and buffet. Here, visitors can taste chocolates such as white chocolate with strawberry and basil, dark chocolate with orange and ginger but lavender and pistachio chocolate is also available.

The program was implemented with European Union funding under the EDIOP-5.1.3-16-2017-00043 project.

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