A good example and an even better environment: energy efficiency modernisation in the Roman Catholic school in Szolnok

2023. 11. 14.

Sustainable solutions, cost-effective operation, a pleasant environment – these are the key principles behind the renovation of the Tiszaparti Roman Catholic Primary and Secondary School in Szolnok. The Environment and Energy Efficiency Operational Programme provided the necessary funding for the improvements during the 2014-2020 EU financial period.

Although the school itself was founded in 2009, the buildings housing the school are nearly 50 years old and therefore no longer have the energy efficiency to meet standards, and without this intervention would have deteriorated even further rapidly.

The primary objective of the EU-funded project was to modernise infrastructure, which is one of the most important prerequisites for quality education. The works included new insulation, new doors and windows, modernisation of the heating system and the installation of thermostatic valves. In addition, a 44.88 kW solar panel system was installed to provide for sustainable operation.

The direct result of the project is a modern educational environment that will benefit both students and staff for a long time. Furthermore, the environmentally friendly solutions serve as a good example for the community, thus indirectly contributing to raising awareness and fostering a sustainable mindset.

The project was implemented with EU funding in the framework of the KEHOP-5.2.13-19-2019-00001 project.

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