Family-friendly green space awaits visitors at the site of the former Kaposvár Castle

2023. 11. 14.

Where for four hundred years the castle of Kaposvár stood, and then for most of the 20th century a five-storey grain warehouse, now the Castle Park, a family-friendly community space awaits those who wish to relax. The centre of Kaposvár has been enriched with a park, which, in addition to the historical trail, provides the city’s locals with a suitable infrastructure, thanks to the support from Territorial Development Operational Programme for the period 2014-2020.

A green space worthy of the atmosphere and built environment of the city centre has been created in Kaposvár. With its rich past, the area is history come to life, as it bears the traces of past centuries. The Kaposvár Castle was built in the 1300s and stood there until the Turkish era; later, the grain warehouse of the NOSTRA Grain Trading Company was built on this site. The area was purchased by the local government in 2014 with the aim of returning it to the inhabitants with a public function and plenty of green space.

Demolition work began in May 2015, and by the end of 2018 all buildings had disappeared, allowing for the revitalisation of the area to begin. The park, which covers an area of almost 1.7 hectares, includes a historical trail through the former castle, a themed playground and walking paths. As a priority, 11,000 square metres of the city centre were landscaped, with shady areas, trees, hundreds of shrubs and more than a thousand perennials. A number of attractions, entertainment and sports facilities have been added to the rehabilitated area.

Environmental protection was also a key focus of the brownfield investment project. Waste generated during construction was collected and processed separately. The construction waste was recycled and reused as construction material. Furthermore, a solar panel park was installed on the roof of the bicycle service centre, generating nearly HUF 500,000 worth of energy annually to cover the facility’s energy needs. The car park also houses a two-station charger for electric cars.

With the “This is how we build!” guided site visits throughout the project, the public could see how the historic NOSTRA site is being renewed and revitalised.


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The project was implemented with the help of EU funds in the framework of the TOP-6.3.1-15-KA1-2016-00001 project.

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