A new solar power plant provides clean energy to Debrecen residents

2024. 04. 26.

MVM Group’s renewable energy subsidiary, MVM Green Generation Ltd., is constructing solar power plants nationwide. One of the results of this development process is a project realized with EU support, which involved the establishment of a solar park spanning 52 hectares in Debrecen.

The aim of the Environmental and Energy Efficiency Operational Program (KEHOP) is to increase energy and resource efficiency, thereby promoting economic growth in harmony with environmental and human life protection. The new power plant, co-financed by the European Union and the Hungarian state, contributes to achieving KEHOP’s objectives by reducing Hungary’s dependence on fossil fuels.

The solar park is located on the premises of Debrecen International Airport (DIA), where 52,000 panels have been installed across a 52-hectare area. The new power plant meets the energy needs of 15,000 households and enables an annual reduction of 33,000 tons of carbon dioxide. The operation of the plant does not require on-site personnel; all signals and controls necessary for remote operation are transmitted to a remote control center.

Developments promoting renewable energy production, such as the one in Debrecen, are beneficial not only from a climate protection perspective but also contribute to reducing Hungary’s energy dependence.


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The development was implemented from EU funding in the project KEHOP-6.3.1-23-2023-00004 under the Environmental and Energy Efficiency Operational Program.

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