A significant development, both in tourism and economic terms, will improve the urban image of Mohács

2024. 02. 15.

The project, supported by the Territorial and Settlement Development Operational Programme, has the strategic objective of creating an attractive and sustainable urban environment for residents, businesses and investors. The investment along the Danube will also contribute to the development of an emblematic municipal image.

As part of the development, the brownfield industrial site of the former Temaforg (Textile Waste and Yarn Manufacture) Company was rehabilitated, including the demolition of unused outbuildings and the renovation of the two-storey factory building on Tímár Street into a sports centre. In addition, a transformer room, a reception area, changing rooms, wet rooms with outdoor access, as well as commercial and service units were constructed on the ground floor. The building also provides electricity, water and waste disposal facilities for water tourists arriving by yacht or motorboat.

The sports centre, located on the ground floor overlooking the Danube, offers two squash courts and a multifunctional fitness room. The investment also includes the use of renewable energy sources, with solar panels installed on the roof of the building. A street workout park has been installed in the eastern part of the square, and car and bus parking has been provided on the side of the former factory building facing Szent János Street.

The development has created a sustainable area with community, cultural and active leisure functions in Mohács, opening up previously closed areas of the Danube bank to visitors.


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The development was implemented from EU funding in the project TOP-2.1.1-16-BA1-2017-00002 under the Territorial and Settlement Development Operational Programme.

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