On the way to the future with autonomous cars: ZalaZONE and the Széchenyi István University in the forefront of Hungarian developments

2023. 07. 14.

Driverless car, taxi or coach? Nowadays, self-driving technology is no longer found only in the world of science fiction movies. Hungary is also undertaking a major role in this field, and the ZalaZONE test track and Széchenyi István University are prominent players in this exciting development.

ZalaZONE is a test track where autonomous cars can be tested in a simulated urban environment and on a motorway module, too. This track plays an extremely important role in development and the Hungarian government has set up a separate agency to promote the self-driving sector. The aim of Széchenyi István University of Győr is to contribute to reinforcing the competitiveness of Western Hungary by creating an internationally-acclaimed education and research environment. ZalaZONE Park, owned by the Széchenyi István University Foundation, where the development of the Science and Innovation Park is in progress, also serves this purpose. As a result of the successful application under the Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme (GINOP), the University’s presence in Zalaegerszeg has been strengthened, because once the Centre for Higher Education and Industrial Cooperation is established, a number of research and development projects can be implemented, such as research and development of autonomous robots and vehicles. University staff and ZalaZONE are also working to ensure that the transport of the future is safe and sustainable. Research directions cover areas such as electromobility, machine learning, environmental sensing and intelligent transport systems.

The ZalaZONE Park provides a single location for production and the R&D, innovation and education background that is needed for development. The cooperation will also benefit students interested in technical careers, who can not only study in Győr in a state-of-the-art environment, but also benefit from the unique opportunities offered by ZalaZONE.


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The development was implemented from EU funding thanks to project GINOP-2.3.4-15-2020-00009 under the Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme.

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