Energy developments for a secure future

2023. 07. 14.

“We are building the future” – perhaps it is just a coincidence that this is the slogan favoured by solar panel installation companies, but it is also the slogan of VESZ-MONT’2000 Ltd. The company operating in Nemesvámos, Veszprém County, specialises in the manufacture of special-purpose machinery, industrial automation, assembly technology and trade, is now using solar energy to emit less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and save money.

Consequently, the company also provides a predictable and long-term livelihood for more than 200 employees, while it continues to grow and expand. In recent years, VESZ-MONT’2000 Ltd. has made a number of investments in capacity building and has acquired larger machinery, which has increased its energy consumption. However, thanks to an investment implemented from EU support, they have also been able to carry out energy improvements, enabling the company to supply itself with around half of the energy it uses. This development has not only resulted in financial savings for the company, but also reduces carbon dioxide emissions contributing to environmental protection. VESZ-MONT’2000 Ltd. is committed to energy efficiency and sustainability and has taken steps towards environmentally friendly operations supported by its own solar farm. Energy developments and EU support will enable the company to remain competitive, grow and achieve long-term success while maintaining their market leading position.

The use of solar panels has many advantages for companies. Solar panels provide clean and renewable energy significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Companies can become self-sustainable by creating their own energy source, which results in financial savings in the long run.

The development was implemented from EU funding thanks to project GINOP-4.1.4-19-2019-00036 under the Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme.

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