Economic activity is growing in the town of Bercel in Nógrád County

2024. 02. 12.

With a non-refundable grant of HUF 233.8 million from the Territorial and Settlement Development Operational Program, the project “Incubator House in Bercel” has taken place. Through this investment under the Széchenyi 2020 program, both existing and new businesses in the municipality have the opportunity to improve their operational and developmental possibilities.

The project was implemented in a disadvantaged region, as Nógrád County faces some of the largest economic challenges in the country, making economic development projects of paramount importance according to the county’s development goals.

In Bercel, there was a lack of both economic factor providing basic services and infrastructure, as well as space suitable for smaller workshop tasks. With the establishment of the incubator house, the local economic actors gained access to appropriate infrastructure, enabling the provision of various services, basic workshop tasks, and incubation processes. Equipped with modern technology, the building, with a usable area of 670 m², provides necessary professional services (offices, conference rooms, workshops, a comprehensive IT system), enhancing the competitiveness of local businesses and positively impacting local job and career opportunities for the residents.

The completed incubator house fosters the growth of entrepreneurial spirit in the municipality and surrounding villages, as the conditions required for starting a business are available at much more favourable rates than under purely market conditions.

The development was implemented from EU funding in the project TOP-1.1.2-16-NG1-2017-00002 under the Territorial and Settlement Development Operational Program.

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