One of the most influential brand in the Hungarian wedding dress market can further develop due to European Union support

2024. 02. 12.

The Daalarna brand has expanded into foreign markets with the help of IT developments and modern equipment procurement. As part of the project, they had the opportunity to participate in prestigious international shows in New York and Barcelona, presenting their domestically manufactured collection.

Founded in 2002 by fashion designer Anita Benes, Daalarna’s main focus is on wedding and formal wear design and production. The company tailors its products based on its own values and fashion style and is currently one of the most influential brand in the Hungarian wedding dress market, with more than 40 international retailers.

Daalarna aims to expand into further countries and promote the Hungarian brand internationally. The large number of orders has already exceeded the company’s capacity, necessitating developments for further growth. Therefore, increasing manufacturing capacity and automating administrative processes became essential. To achieve these goals, they applied for and received EU funding through the Competitive Central Hungary Operational Program (VEKOP).

Daalarna produces its own designed dress patterns individually and handcrafts them. To enhance efficiency, they acquired an innovative pattern-making, modeling, and serializing system, successfully applied in the company’s manufacturing processes. This software and equipment enable the digitization of existing patterns and programmability of their own editing processes. As a result, time savings and production growth are achieved without compromising the handmade nature of the products or their quality. The more efficient manufacturing process also increases sustainability.

In addition to acquiring modern production equipment, there were also IT developments. To maintain relationships with international partners and ensure fast, modern customer service, they developed a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, for which new IT tools were procured. Thanks to these new tools, orders are now thoroughly documented in a database, enabling the company to provide transparent and precise service to its customers.

In addition to equipment procurement, the funding allowed Daalarna to represent itself at two prestigious international shows in New York and Barcelona. The participation and associated digital campaigns aim to establish the company in new markets and represent the Hungarian fashion industry at a high level.


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The development was implemented from EU funding in the project VEKOP-1.2.7-20-2021-00099 under the Competitive Central Hungary Operational Programme.

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