Modernization of fish farming in Tokaj and Tiszanagyfalu

2024. 03. 14.

The Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County-based DÉL-SZABOLCSI Bt. has upgraded its fish farming aquaculture with support from the Hungarian Fisheries Operational Program. The project involved technological and infrastructural developments that contribute to various aspects of fish farming.

Established in 2005, DÉL-SZABOLCSI Bt. has been engaged in freshwater fish farming for nearly 20 years. The company operates two sites on both sides of the Tisza River: one near Tokaj at the Kovács Lake, and the other at Kovács Farm in Tiszanagyfalu. The fish pond near Tokaj consists of nine pond units ranging from 3 to 20 hectares in size, totaling over 90 hectares managed by the family-owned business. Water replenishment for the entire pond system comes directly from the Tisza River. The ponds engage in intensive, semi-intensive, and extensive (traditional) production, with their main product being carp.

The modernization of the fish farming aquaculture systems in the “DÉL-SZABOLCSI” Bt. project resulted in technological and infrastructural improvements, enhancing the operation of the company’s existing extensive fish farming aquaculture. The investment involved the acquisition of nearly 30 modern fish farming-related machines and equipment. For feeding, they procured several self-discharging feeding boats and a truck for fish transportation. Additionally, they purchased a custom-made trailer, multiple boat engines, a power unit, pond aerators, and plastic tanks. Furthermore, in connection with the production infrastructure of fish farming, they constructed a 583-meter connecting road within the facility and a 300 m2 fish handling area directly connected to the road and fish ponds.

The investment has improved the company’s competitiveness and reduced production costs per unit.

Aquaculture encompasses the cultivation of marine and freshwater fish as well as the production of mollusks and crustaceans using various breeding types and methods: in open or closed, extensive or intensive farms, on land, in lakes or ponds – fed by rivers or even underground waters – in coastal waters or offshore open waters.

The program was implemented with European Union funding under the MAHOP-2.2.1-2016-2020-00138 project.

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