A tourism development in the Szarvas District that meets all needs

2024. 03. 18.

Kondoros, Békésszentandrás, and Csabacsűd have carried out coordinated developments to significantly enhance the already substantial tourism appeal of the region.

Implemented through a joint consortium of the three municipalities in Békés County, the project named “Tourism Development in Békésszentandrás, Kondoros, and Csabacsűd” aims to increase the number of visitors to the region through developments based on the cultural and natural assets of the respective settlements.

Led by the Municipality of Kondoros, a significant tourist attraction in the southern Great Plain region, boasting the nationally renowned Kondorosi Csárda and the Batthyány-Geist Castle, the project provided an opportunity to renovate the Csárda Museum and the chapel located in the castle garden. Additionally, a brand-new cultural heritage center showcasing the traditions of the municipality was constructed. The new Kondoros Heritage Center serves the needs of visitors, offering a communal workshop space and event venue.

Békésszentandrás is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Békés County, located among the billabongs of the Körös River. The municipality aimed to enhance the venue for its annual events with the support, constructing a covered amphitheatre in front of the existing stage and acquiring sound and lighting equipment necessary for uninterrupted enjoyment of stage performances.

Csabacsűd serves as a connecting link between the two consortium partners, focusing primarily on local tourism, the preservation of rural traditions, and the protection of village culture as the main tourist attractions. As a result of the project, a fitting venue for showcasing traditions and the related infrastructure was established.

The project provided an excellent opportunity for these three municipalities to implement coordinated developments based on local attractions and values, thus maintaining the region’s prominent role in tourism in Békés County.


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The development was implemented from EU funding in the project TOP-1.2.1-16-BS1-2017-00003 under the Territorial and Settlement Development Operational Program.

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