New farmers’ market strengthens Sellye’s role in the local area

2024. 05. 16.

In our villages, the market and its surroundings are a kind of community arena, which, in addition to selling and buying goods, has a significant community-forming role, so it is particularly important to support its operation in the interests of local communities and to maintain the population retention capacity of the settlements. Sellye is located in Baranya county, one of the least populated Hungarian districts. As a district centre, the town has already played an important role in the region and now, thanks to an European Union development, it can further strengthen its regional role.

In Sellye, a new energy-efficient farmers’ market hall with solar panels was built as part of the project titled “Construction of a market and basic infrastructure in Sellyé”, which was fully financed by the EU. The building, which is sustainable and modern, will provide cultural environment for vendors and customers all year, and will also serve as a venue for other community activities.

The market will offer products, mainly food, produced by local farmers, so the investment will have a demand stimulating effect on local farmers and retailers in the area. In addition to the products of local farmers, vegetables and fruits produced in the area through public employment will also be available on the market.

In addition to the new building, a sufficient number of parking spaces have been created to improve accessibility, so that shoppers arriving by car from the surrounding villages can conveniently park their vehicles near to the market. This is particularly important because the new market building is accessible, so that people with reduced mobility can visit the new community market without difficulty.

The project contributes significantly to the objectives of the Territorial and Settlement Development Operational Programme to improve local community services and increase the population retention of the settlement by encouraging local social cooperation.

The program was implemented with European Union funding under the TOP-1.1.3-16-BA1-2017-00006 project.

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