Once again, Pest County’s former saline landscape provides a home to a diverse range of flora and fauna

2024. 02. 16.

The project of the Duna-Ipoly National Park Directorate aimed at nature conservation, which was realized with the support of the Competitive Central Hungary Operational Program (VEKOP). During this project, on the one hand, they developed the animal husbandry facility of the Egreskátai-major, and on the other hand, the facilities built on channels which can retain water in the landscape, serving as new habitats for various plant and animal species.

The “Reconstruction of highly significant, nationally rare Pannonic saline, wet habitats in the Gerje-Perje plain” project, funded by the European Union, involved the construction of water management structures at a total of 13 locations along 9 watercourses from Jászkarajenő to Galgahévíz. These structures are capable of releasing water into the old, natural riverbeds, channels, saline flats, and wet meadows in a regulated manner. Thanks to the development, the dry riverbed of the Körös Stream was quickly revived with water. Ensuring the water supply to wet habitats in nature conservation and bird protection areas was of prime importance during the implementation of the project, as well as achieving longer periods of surface water coverage. The interventions will have a positive impact on the groundwater balance of the areas. Moreover, the previously barren landscape is now home to bustling life: migratory birds rest here, and species like the redshank, the stilt-bird and various amphibians have reappeared.

The project also serves ecological diversity through another element. As a result of the site development funded by European Union a high-quality winter accommodation was established at one of the animal husbandry sites of the Duna-Ipoly National Park Directorate. During the construction, facilities such as grain storage, fire water storage, additional water places, a new concrete corral and fence construction were implemented due to animal health reasons. The farm shed and the cattle accommodation have been completely renovated. The manor serves as a winter shelter for the animals, which spend their time on the largest meadow of the Tápió-Hajta-Vidéke Nature Conservation Area from spring to autumn. The investment ensures the maintenance of extensive animal husbandry in the Nyík Meadow in the long term, thereby preserving the Natura 2000 designated species and habitats in the Hajta mente nature conservation area.

Species and habitats listed in the annexes of the European Union’s bird and habitat conservation directives are of Community importance, and it is the responsibility of the member states to ensure their preservation. Therefore, areas need to be designated within the respective member state, which ensure the long-term preservation of these species and habitats: these are the NATURA 2000 areas. 

The development contributes to the preservation of the plant and animal species for future generations, which rightfully elevate the Carpathian Basin to a distinct biogeographical region. You can view the film about the Duna-Ipoly National Park Directorate’s project here:

The development was implemented from EU funding in the project VEKOP-4.2.1-15-2016-00003 under the Competitive Central Hungary Operational Programme.

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