Significant developments have been completed at the Keleti Railway Station

2024. 03. 18.

With the support of the Integrated Transport Development Operational Program (IKOP), as of May 1, 2023, passengers can now avail comprehensive travel services directly accessible from the metro underpass at the Customer Center. Thanks to this development, the first fully integrated passenger service area has been established at the Keleti Railway Station, which handles over 12.2 million journeys annually.

Within the framework of the project called “Passenger Traffic Development of Budapest Keleti and Budapest Nyugati Railway Stations”, a 285-square-meter customer service area was equipped with 11 ticket counters – including one accessible for persons with disabilities – and a modern customer calling system to serve passengers more efficiently and reduce ticketing time. Through this integrated system, passengers can purchase not only domestic tickets and passes but also international train tickets, handle individual or group travel-related matters, and access customer service. Passenger information displays in the service area assist travelers and waiting passengers by indicating train departures and providing other useful timetable information.

In addition to the interior space, attention was also paid to accessibility between the Customer Center and the hall of the Keleti Railway Station. Two escalators and two elevators were installed on both sides of the refurbished main staircase leading to the platform hall. For transit passengers and tourists, 111 luggage lockers of various sizes were placed outside the ticketing area. To expedite ticket purchase, in addition to the renovated ticket counter, 15 new ticket vending machines were installed, bringing the total number of machines operating at the station to 26.

The construction of the service area, spanning over 1540 square meters, designed by railway company experts and implemented as a self-funded investment, enhances the overall travel experience at the Keleti Railway Station, a key player in both regional and European transportation networks.


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The development was implemented from EU funding in the project IKOP-2.1.0-15-2017-00041 under the Integrated Transport Development Operational Programme.

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