A flood peak-reducing reservoir protects Tótszentmárton

2024. 03. 18.

With the support of the Territorial and Settlement Development Operational Program, a flood protection and water retention reservoir was built within the urban area of the municipality of Zala County. The facility is suitable for both combating the damage caused by extraordinary floods and for local water retention.

The Borsfa Stream, crossing Tótszentmárton, has flooded the settlement several times in the past 20 years. During heavy rainfall the discharge of the stream should need approximately one day to reduce. The main goal of the project, supported by the European Union, was to protect the urban area of the municipality, reduce the vulnerability to flood, surface water, and local water damage, improve the quality of surface waters, and prevent further damage events.

The long-term goal of the investment, while maintaining the basic function of the reservoir, is to develop welfare, ecological, and tourism-leisure functions through the introduction of fisheries management. The stormwater reservoir was implemented in the northern part of Tótszentmárton. Alongside the stream, a lateral reservoir was built on its right bank, allowing small and medium waters to flow through the original bed, while during heavy floods, water enters the reservoir through the inlet structures. The length of the parallel levee with the stream is approximately 450 meters, while the length of the southern levee is 100 meters.

With the operation of the reservoir capable of accommodating 8020 m3 of water, flood damage to the area can be prevented and reduced, thereby increasing the flood safety of the population. Consequently, future investments can be made to promote the development of Tótszentmárton.

The development was implemented from EU funding in the project TOP-2.1.3-15-ZA1-2016-00013 under the Territorial and Settlement Development Operational Program.

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