Sustainable tourism on two wheels

2023. 08. 21.

The municipalities of Alsóörs and Felsőörs have achieved significant success with their project implemented with European Union funding. Due to the grant, a cycle path connecting the two settlements was built, contributing to the tourism development of the Balaton region.

The new cycle path starting from Alsóörs and leading to Felsőörs makes it possible to discover the special features and sights of the settlements while offering spectacular landscapes and natural splendour.

This project has several benefits for the community, because on the one hand, the development contributes to the development of sustainable transport, and on the other hand offers an environmentally- friendly alternative to using a car. In addition, it creates a significant tourist attraction since it attracts visitors who can discover the natural treasures and cultural heritage of Alsóörs and Felsőörs.


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The development was implemented by using EU funding due to project TOP 3.1.1-16-VE1-2017-00020.

For more details click on the project information page:Details



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