Renovated cultural treasures in Berettyóújfalu: impressive tourism developments and magical experiences await

2023. 08. 21.

The municipality of the town of Berettyóújfalu received important support in 2016 in the framework of the Territorial and Settlement Development Operational Programme (TOP), which gave the town new momentum for tourism. The municipality renovated two significant locations, the synagogue and the Rhédey Castle, using EU funding. Consequently, Berettyóújfalu has become more attractive to tourists and jobs have been created in the region.

The objective of the project was not only the development of tourism infrastructure but also the consideration of social and environmental aspects. The town wanted tourists to spend more time in the area, therefore new services and sights have been introduced that have made Berettyóújfalu even more attractive. The renovation of the Rhédey Castle along with its servants’ quarters and courtyard was completed in the summer of 2019. New, permanent exhibitions and services await visitors in the castle such as a wine exhibit room, the house of crafts and culinary sensations in the park of the renovated castle. This has made it possible for visitors to become more familiar with the region’s history and cultural heritage while enjoying the special atmosphere of the castle.

The synagogue has also been revived during the renovation. The building has been restored and a new service building has also been built. As a result, visitors can view exhibitions on local history in the renovated synagogue and participate in cultural programmes and concerts. A reception area, a café, a gift shop, sanitary facilities and warehouses are located in the new building in order to provide comfortable and high-quality services to tourists. The project lasted for many years, but the results gained recognition among locals and tourists. The renovation of the Rhédey Castle and the synagogue gave new momentum to tourism in the town and contributed to the development of the local economy. Visitors can now not only enjoy beautiful landscapes and historical treasures but can also use high-quality services.

The initiative and commitment of the municipality of the town of Berettyóújfalu to socially and environmentally sustainable tourism development is exemplary. The project offers new opportunities and workplaces for the residents of the town while helping to preserve and showcase the region’s cultural heritage to visitors. Berettyóújfalu shows up as a more and more attractive destination for tourists who appreciate the efforts of the town made in the area of the development of sustainable tourism development filled with experiences. The renovated venues facilitate the preservation of Berettyóújfalu’s historical and cultural heritage and the strengthening of its identity.

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The project was funded by the EU in the framework of the TOP-1.2.1-15-HB1-2016-00003 project.

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