Szigetszentmiklós has been enriched with a Hundred-Place Kindergarten

2024. 04. 19.

Szigetszentmiklós has a population of nearly forty thousand people, making it the third most populous municipality in Pest County. Therefore, the establishment of the hundred-place Cserbóka Kindergarten, supported by the Competitive Central Hungary Operational Program, which opened its doors to children in December 2023, is of great importance.

The town located on Csepel Island is a preferred destination for those choosing the agglomeration, thus the increasing number of children necessitated the expansion of the city’s kindergarten capacities. The new building, located at 5 Temesvári Street, was established as a branch institution of the Szigetszentmiklós Pitypang Kindergarten, under the name Cserbóka Kindergarten.

The building is fully wheelchair accessible, and the four classrooms can accommodate a total of one hundred young children for care and education. As part of the investment, a 125-serving warming kitchen was completed, along with kitchen storage, offices, and changing rooms. The air-conditioned, ground-floor kindergarten features a spacious playground, covering nearly 2100 square meters and equipped with safe play equipment compliant with European Union standards. The modern facilities consciously develop the motor skills and abilities of young children while addressing their increased need for movement. As part of the project, twenty parking spaces were also provided, including one reserved for disabled individuals, and the procurement of necessary equipment for the kindergarten’s operation was realized.

The Municipality of Szigetszentmiklós contributed to the reintegration of parents raising young children into the labor market through the investment, thereby increasing employment and improving access to kindergarten care.


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The development was implemented from EU funding in the project VEKOP-6.1.1-15-PT1-2016-00064 under the Competitive Central Hungary Operational Programme.

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