The product range of Szarvas-Fish Ltd. has expanded with Fishburger patties

2024. 04. 26.

One of the largest domestic African catfish farming companies has developed its fish processing plant in Tiszacsege with the support of the Hungarian Fisheries Management Operational Program. During the project, technological improvements and equipment investments were implemented, allowing the company to introduce products with longer shelf life and higher added value to the domestic market.

Szarvas-Fish Ltd. was established in 1993. Its main activities include the breeding, processing, and distribution of African catfish, whose meat is pink, low in fat, and boneless, making it suitable for consumption by all age groups. The company exclusively produces various fresh and frozen products from African catfish raised on its own farms in Szarvas or Túka. It operates two fish processing plants in Tiszacsege and Szarvas.

Under the project titled “Investments in Fish Processing at Szarvas-Fish Ltd.”, kitchen technology equipment was acquired, enabling the introduction of a new product line: fishburger patties made from 100% African catfish fillet, as well as oily fish in decorative jars.

The finished products are sold within the retail units of Szarvas-Fish Ltd. under the brand “Everywhere Fish”, which deals with mobile sales and online retailing. Their mobile stores operate in 15 cities across the country, and they also have a website where items such as quick-frozen fishburger patties and quick-frozen African catfish bites are available.

The investment included the purchase of three refrigerated vehicles, as well as equipment investments supporting material handling and accurate weighing. During the furnishing of the social block dressing rooms and dining area of ​​the plant, solutions were applied that not only aim to improve hygiene conditions but also increase the satisfaction of employees through design coordination.

The program was implemented with European Union funding under the MAHOP-5.3.3-2016-2023-00039 project.

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